Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Family

You'll notice most of the time, that when I show J.T. sitting around the house he is in a recliner. This is a tribute to my Dad. This past Father's Day my sister and I got him identical cards about dads sitting in recliners. We even have pictures of him in different recliners though out the years. This is his throne. He worked many hard years to provided for us, so he deserves to kick back and watch as many reruns of "Walker Texas Ranger" and "Mattlock" as he wants. Even though he misses most of them because of his morning, afternoon, and evening naps in the chair. He is famous in our family for his naps in his recliners. Sometimes he even shows off this talent in front of family when they come to visit and impresses everyone with his awesome snoring technique. But I sometimes wonder with the way my extended family is, if he is actually sleeping or just pretending and hoping they won't wake him up to talk to him. Now that I think about it, he sleeps in the chair when I come home to visit. Hmmmmmm.

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