Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Best Behavior

(click on image to enlarge) Being married has been fun. You discover a lot about a person and how different their habits are from yours. When your dating, especially at the beginning, you are on your best behavior. You remember to brush your teeth and put on deodorant everyday. For guys their clothes become a little less wrinkled and cars are always clean on the inside. Women might shave their legs more often when they are dating someone. The same thing happens when you get married. For the first few months you make sure you brush your teeth every night before bed. But then, after a few more months you know your spouse wants to get lucky if they make a point to show you that they cleaned their teeth that evening. My advice from my mother before I got married was to be sure to pick up after myself, don't leave my dirty underwear laying on the floor for my wife to pick up. That lasted about 2 weeks. Hey, I could make a Olympic sport of taking my boxers off by kicking them in the air off my foot and catching them behind my back. But no one is perfect, and I miss every now and then, and they land on the floor. I wouldn't want to take away my wife's satisfaction and joy of knowing she's keeping our house tidy and pick them up myself. In regards to bowel movements of a gaseous nature. It was rough in the begging to hold back. I mean you don't want to be rude or scare the person you are falling in love with. But after about 1 month of marriage you end up chasing her around the house asking her to pull your finger, or the famous holding their heads under the covers.

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