Thursday, June 24, 2010

Cat, mans best friend?

My cat has it pretty easy. He gets to lounge around all day and has plenty of food. If he wants attention he just jumps in my lap, even if I want him to or not. He pretty much does as he pleases. He might come to me if I call him, but it normally takes a bribe like a treat or opening a can of food. I think my cat has this figured out and waits to come to me until he sees the bribe, then determines if it is worth it or not. He really has a stress free life.

Speaking of stress, A doctor recently told me I have to watch my high blood pressure. He told me to try and eat better and exercise more. Which for me, means to actually start exercising. He also said to eliminate anything stressful. I had to buy a blood pressure machine to track it. If it doesn't go down I may have to take a pill to control it. Now my life is pretty much like my cats. I sit around all day at my desk; I get plenty of food (maybe a little too much), and if I want attention I just I just find my wife. So either my doctor is wrong or my cat has some really high blood pressure.

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