Monday, August 2, 2010

Roach 2

There is a little bit of the roach story line that is true. When I was moving from the north to below the Mason-Dixon Line, I began to notice something as I was driving further south. The splats on my windshield were getting bigger and bigger. The bugs are huge down here compared to what we have in the north. A few times I thought I could see the look of terror on their face as they collided with my car. You could actually hear the bang as they made impact. There were a lot of differences I noticed right a way when I first arrived in the peach state. For one the weather; it was middle to late October when I got here and I loved it. But, the locals did look at me strange because I was walking around in shorts. I quickly discovered the language barrier when I went to the grocery store. This woman kept on offering me a 'buggy'. I didn't know what she was trying to sell me so I grabbed my 'shopping Cart' and walked away. The south drinks coke, the north asks for a pop. I quickly became a sweet tea fan. Why those Yankees haven't figured out to add the sugar while the tea is brewing, makes me wonder how they won they war in the first place.

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